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THIEVES CAN STEAL UNLOCKED VAN CATALYTIC CONVERTERS IN SECONDS! is the leading Online Supplier of Catalytic Converter Locks For Vans. We can supply an unparalleled selection of the very best quality catalytic and/or DPF locks,  expedited shipping, and exceptional customer service. Take a look at the choice of Van vehicle specific or universal fitting locks today.

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Catalytic Converter Stolen?

Possibly, you are visiting this website because you have been a victim of Catalytic Converter Theft or you have heard about it and want to protect your vehicle or companies fleet from the massive cost and disruption this criminal activity can cause.
If you own a 4 x 4, Van, MPV or Motorhome you are particularly at risk. The growing number of thefts have been on these types of vehicles not only because they generally have larger Catalytic Converters or Diesel Particulate Filters which have a higher scrap value, but also because they have a higher ground clearance making access to and removal of the Cat, that much easier and quicker.
Many of our customers report that they had no idea their vehicle had been targeted until they tried to start their vehicle the next day, even those where the van was alarmed or parked on the drive under a bedroom window.
Whilst we cannot stop what has already happened can help you to prevent it happening so easily again! 
Managed by BUDETS & TraderRacks who are one of the UK's leading specialist automotive parts suppliers, in stock for immediate dispatch is a range of Catalytic Converter & Diesel Particulate Filter locks from quality UK manufacturer direct to your door via our efficient mail order service at discounted prices. Additionally, our fleet fitting experience means we can give you advice should you have any questions during installation. Order safely and securely online anytime or email for more help.

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How Do Catlocks Work?

There Are 3 Main Issues


Easy To Remove

Not Attached To The Vehicle

Due to the high ground clearance of vans and 4 x 4's it is easy for the theif to get under the vehicle and have room to quickly remove the Catalytic Converter. Catlocks prevent easy removal by physically attaching it to the vehicle or preventing access to remove it. At the very least delaying the thief.


No Deterrant

Metal Theft

Catalytic Converters contain precious metals which give them a  high scrap metal value in a relatively small and easily concealed piece of metal. Catlock kits contain window decals which warn would be thieves that your vehicle's Catalytic Converter has been locked and coded which acts as a big deterrant.


Catching The Thieves

Chemical Coding

Thieves are less likely to steal if they are likely to be caught. Each Catlock kit comes with an International Security Register coding kit. This enables an unique code to be physically and chemically burnt into the metal. The code is then registered and used by police to successfully prosecute thieves.

The products shown are generally in stock and ready for immediate dispatch with delivery in 1- 3 working days included in the price displayed. Orders can be placed securely on line anytime night and day and will be processed on the same working day if received prior to midday or the next working day when placed later or on weekends and bank holidays. For fleet orders please email during normal office hours.

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